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Applicants and Parents

Applicants and Parents

Q: Why do I keep hearing about the importance of every eligible student applying?
A: Governmental regulations restrict us to award only 25% of the applicants, therefore, regardless of financial need, we encourage all eligible children of Jefferies employees to apply so we may award the maximum number of scholarships available. The JFS Board of Directors seeks to help as many deserving students as possible reach their educational goals!

Q: Is someone other than a child of an employee eligible?
A: The program is for the benefit of all Jefferies employees' children globally. Unfortunately, this means that no cousins, siblings or other relatives other than children are eligible to apply.

Q: I work in the office, but I am not an employee. Is my son or daughter eligible to apply?
A: Unfortunately consultants, independent contractors, and employees of other companies who work within the Jefferies office are not employees of Jefferies; therefore, their children are not eligible.

Q: I have someone who lives with me. He or she is practically like my own child. Is he or she eligible?
A: Only children who are legally related to you are eligible to apply. This would include individuals for whom you serve as a legal guardian, adopted children, step-children, and biological children.

Q: While employed by Jefferies, I am working toward my degree. May I apply?
A: Although you are not eligible to apply for a scholarship, some of your educational cost may be reimbursable. To learn more about the Tuition Assistance Program, log on to the Human Resources Center. From there, you may consult your Employee Handbook to review the Tuition Reimbursement policy. 

Q: I am a current recipient of a JFS award. Do I need to renew for the next year?
A: All scholarship recipients must apply each year to receive a scholarship.

Q: I recently finished my degree and would like to pursue an additional degree. Am I still eligible to apply?
A: Yes, if you meet all eligibility requirements, you are encouraged to apply.

Q: What if my parent leaves Jefferies while I am a recipient of the award?
A: Once awarded, a scholarship will not be terminated due to the parent's employment terminating during the period of the scholarship, so long as the student remains academically eligible.

Q: Does the scholarship go toward fees only, or can it be used for living expenses?
A: The scholarship is to be used to pay educational expenses, most commonly for the cost of tuition, fees, and required educational expenses. Room and board expenses that are a part of education expenses may also be paid from scholarship funds. However, scholarship amounts are taxable income if the aggregate scholarship amounts received by the recipient exceed tuition and fees (not including room and board) required for enrollment or attendance at the educational institution and fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses of instruction. Also, recipients must present supporting documentation demonstrating that any living expenses are a part of the recipient’s educational expenses.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of times one can be awarded the scholarship?
A: No, so long as all eligibility requirements are met, the student may apply to this competitive program. Some students are selected to receive the scholarship for several years, while others receive it only once or not at all.

Q: Is there a bias towards awarding scholarships for certain subjects?
A: No, students have received scholarships for an array of academic studies, ranging from accounting to xenophobia. The only limitation is that the student must matriculate full time at an accredited school having academically based admissions requirements.

Q: What percentage of applicants typically receive the scholarship?
A: The program’s goal is to award as many scholarships as possible, within keeping of regulations which govern these types of programs. Historically, the maximum number of scholarships have been awarded every year. While that number varies based upon the number of applicants, it has always been limited to 25% of our applicants.

Q: Is the application process anonymous?
A: Yes, we go to great lengths to ensure the anonymity of all applicants and their parents. It is only after the selection process is complete that the names of recipients are announced. Those who are not selected remain anonymous.

Q: Is there an interview process?
A: No, we do not do interviews as this would make anonymity a challenge. Rather, all applicants apply on-line, which enables the administrator to ensure anonymity.

Q: When do we find out if we have won an award?
A: Every attempt is made to notify all applicants of the selection committee’s decision regarding the status of their application by May 1.


Q: Is my donation tax deductible?
A: Yes! JFS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and, as such, all donations are tax deductible.

Q: As a Jefferies employee, can I have my donation automatically deducted from my pay check?
A: Absolutely. To have your donation deducted from your paycheck, access the Jefferies Family Scholarship page through OneJef. In OneJef, click on the Resources tab at the top, then click on the Jefferies Family Scholarship link. You may click here to be taken to that page or navigate there yourself and click on the payroll deduction link in blue.

Q: Does Jefferies have a contribution matching program?
A: It sure does. To learn more about guidelines for matching funds, please review the matching guidelines listed under Charitable Giving on the Resources page of OneJef, or click here to be taken to that page.

Q: Will I get a receipt for my donation?
A: Donors will receive a receipt of donation by February of the year following their contribution. To receive a receipt prior to February of the following year, please contact Regina de Wetter at [email protected].

Q: How do I obtain a financial report for JFS?
A: You may obtain a copy of the Jefferies Family Scholarship financial report by sending a written request to:

Regina de Wetter
Program Coordinator
[email protected]