Jefferies Scholarship
Jefferies Scholarship


The Jefferies Family Scholarship Selection Committee carefully considers all facets of a student's life. Since academic performance is not the sole criterion, students should detail all pertinent aspects of their lives. The committee rates each application based on five factors. Each factor is assigned points, which vary depending on the importance of the particular factor. In order to understand the importance each factor plays in the selection process, the following lists the relative percentage weight for each of the factors:

  • Academic Evaluation                                                  
    - Grades/Marks in classes - (domestic applicants)
    - Marks/Scores on tests - (international applicants)
  • Extracurricular Activity/Achievement/Leadership    
    - Employment, paid or volunteer
    - Community service
    - All other activities may be taken into consideration
  • Essay                                                                            
    - Clarity of thought, organization, insight, character,
      creativity, and potential for growth or achievement
      demonstrated in response to the essay prompt

  • Special Circumstances                                 
    - Information and/or explanation of challenging life experiences
      may be voluntarily provided
  • Financial Need *                                                            
    - Parent must complete a Parent's Financial Statement (PFS)

    * PFS completion not required for any of the following:
       - Renewing of a current educational scholarship
       - Competing for the Jefferies Award of Merit only
       - Competing for the $3,000 Application Incentive
         Award drawing
       - Completing the quick application